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The global landscape has changed. 2020 was a gamechanger for many corporations having to shift to the work-from-home model. Companies that were agile, flexible and creative were able to not only weather the storm but thrive. Oceans Consultancy helps corporations and executives develop the skills needed to compete in the global arena.


We provide tailormade services to meet the needs of your corporation. We offer a wide range of services that cover communication, culture, productivity and executive coaching.

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Adrian is a productivity consultant and creator of the One-Bite time management system endorsed by internationally renowned bestselling author Brian Tracy, International Humanitarian of the Year and Founder and President of the Emmy Award-winning Narrative Television Network Jim Stovall and the Joint Venture Expert, Sohail Khan. Adrian has spent most of his life in Asia and has worked with FedEx, transcosmos inc., and Panasonic in various capacities.

His work can be found in numerous online publications including Entrepreneur, Business Insider, LifeHack, CEOWORLD Magazine, Inc.com, Thrive Global, Huffington Post, Addicted to Success and more. Adrian resides in Osaka, Japan.


Pervin is an Executive Coach with over 15 years working with clients based in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. She is an experienced career transition specialist, career coach and business owner. Her key strength is working with management level professionals in gaining clarity, setting career objectives and managing the career transition process. 

She is conversant with cross cultural values and cross border working environments in Europe, North America, Middle East, Australia, The Far East and China. She has Start-up experience and bootstrapped one herself and regularly works with Startup founders, Solopreneurs and budding entrepreneurs.


James is a seasoned entrepreneur and founder with extensive experience in business development, strategic partnerships, sales, and community building. A results-driven leader with exceptional business strategy, execution, and team management skills, with strong personal relationships within the music, tech, digital/traditional media, creative, CPG, film, real estate, and hospitality industries.

James has worked with a variety of businesses ranging from music companies to restaurants to tech start-ups. 


Our experience and consulting services







Our focus is on helping companies generate growth through communication workshops and trainings on two major topics - consulting and coaching.

However, we also understand the importance of Business English for the modern executive outside of English speaking countries. As a special service to our clients, we offer both group (max. 4 students; online or in person) as well as private one-on-one lessons. A selection of business and personal development books will be used along with various other material to ensure students receive the highest-quality lesson.

*All English courses require at least a one-year commitment.


Adrian, Pervin and James all have experience of working with international clients and have seen firsthand the impact culture can have on a company’s morale, collaboration, productivity and efficiency. Culture works in the background of every multination team, negotiation, presentation and meeting. Ocean’s Consultancy is your bridge between cultures.

As students, entrepreneurs and consultants, we have had a front-row seat to witness how different cultures act. On a global team, despite all parties speaking one language, there are inevitable cultural clashes that lead to division and frustration. It’s no longer a question of if a cultural misstep will happen, but when. We work with corporations to help them sidestep potential minefields and help foster understanding between different parties ensuring maximum efficiency.


Studies have shown that up to 80% of employees’ time is spent on things of little or no value. To make matters worse, according to The American Institute of Stress, 46% of stress reported amongst employees in the US is caused by an overwhelming workload.

Productivity is something many companies struggle with, from CEOs down through the echelons. The pressure to achieve has never been harder with competition growing stronger every day. Only the companies that adapt to this changing environment will continue to prosper in the years to come.

Productivity is primarily linked to two main areas – time management and mindset. That’s where we come in. We have consulted with corporations such as FedEx, Panasonic and Transcosmos as well as individuals to boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve morale.

If you are looking to take your team to the next level, Ocean’s Consultancy can help.


The benefits of group coaching or in personal one-on-one coaching programs are substantial:

47% achieve sustained health transformation

70% experience better work performance

60% become more effective leaders

Imagine what you could achieve in your personal and professional life with a coach and an accountability system ongoing in your life. We have a combined 40+ years of experience working with people from all walks of life including executives, athletes, engineers, and educators.

We delve deep to unlock what is holding you back and work on maximizing your potential. If that’s something that resonates with you, reach out and schedule a call.

The Shift

8 Strategies to Navigate the New Normal


Joanna thought her career was immune to the volatility of post Covid. It wasn’t. Instead, it was turned upside down when she found out one morning that her job in a prestigious New York City Law firm had been made redundant. Like countless millions worldwide, the new reality hit home in unimaginable ways. There were no guarantees, and uncertainty was the only certainty in Joanna’s world.

Joanna’s background hit all the right notes – great schools, excellent grades and climbing the career path set out for her in her firm. However, that didn’t matter anymore because what worked yesterday for Joanna didn’t serve her well in the new world of work. After a bumpy and frustrating phase, Joanna decides to make changes in her personal and professional life. However, change doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, she finds that this is where the real hard work begins.

During her path of self-reflection and discovery, Joanna learns to take control of her decisions, change her attitude, and shift her mindset. She still doesn’t know where the journey will take her, but she’s more upbeat about the possibilities.


It pays to build bridges with people. That’s what we did in 2021. Adrian set up a Book club on Clubhouse, and we got to know each other better over time, albeit living in three different time zones with James in New York, Pervin in London and Adrian in Tokyo.

We created a separate group and had numerous discussions on different topics, and that’s how Joanna/The Shift came to fruition. We had great fun writing this book because we knew the old approach to work was no longer relevant in a post-pandemic world. We believe there’s a Joanna in each of us at different stages of our careers.

We didn’t want to write a self-help book in its truest firm. Instead, we chose a fable and created Joanna and her journey during uncertain times. Get ready for Joanna/The Shift, which comes out early 2023.


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